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Work Injury

If you have suffered an injury or illness at work in Lee Summit, MO, you should know that you are not alone. It has been estimated that every year millions of people in this country experience work-related injuries and illnesses. And those who have, often have the right to receive benefits to deal with their illnesses or injuries. These benefits might include funds to cover your medical expenses as well as your lost wages. In order for you to get the benefits you deserve, it is important to be aware of some important aspects of workers’ compensation and in what cases you might be entitled to receive benefits.

How long do you have to report your work injury or illness?

Preferably, you should report your injury as soon as it happens in order to prevent any grounds for denial of coverage. However, if for different reasons you are unable to do so, you should report it no later than 30 days from when it happened.

Once your employer is made aware of the incident, they have seven days to report the injury to their insurance company. Once the incident has been reported, you should receive further information within three days.

Does every injured worker require the services of a workers’ compensation lawyer?

Not necessarily. If your injuries are minor or if they heal completely with the medical treatment recommended for you, there is no need for you to get an attorney.

When would you need legal help?

There are cases where your injuries might not be clearly work-related. Or maybe the medical treatment you require is too extensive, or perhaps your medical treatment will involve long periods of time during which you might not be able to return to work. In other cases, the injuries are so severe that they result in permanent disability, and in more extreme incidents, the worker might actually lose their life and it may be their loved ones who require the legal services of a personal injury attorney in Summit, MO.

How can your personal injury lawyer in Lee’s Summit MO help you?

Any Time Your Claim is Denied

Workers’ compensation claims can be denied for many reasons. The most common one is the argument that your injury did not happen at work, or maybe that you filed your claim too late. Appealing a denial through the workers’ compensation system can be daunting. Our lawyers can help you deal with the paperwork, gather the needed evidence, build a strong case, and present it at the hearing.

Whenever Your Permanent Disability is Disputed

Permanent disability benefits are calculated based on permanent disability ratings. Your doctor will assign you a permanent disability rating with which the insurance company might not agree. The insurance company might require that you make an appointment to get an independent medical exam performed by a doctor that they have selected and who might assign you a lower rating for your disability. If the insurance company accepts this lower rating your benefits might be reduced quite significantly. Don’t leave your future in the hands of an unknown medical professional, the personal injury lawyers at Lourenco & Linville, PC are essential to get you a higher rating and a fair settlement.

If a Preexisting Condition is Keeping You From Getting Benefits

Many times, it is easy for the insurance company to argue that what you claim to be a work-related injury is actually a preexisting condition. A personal injury lawyer should be by your side in cases where the preexisting condition affects precisely the part of your body that was injured at work, or if your preexisting condition has evolved slowly over time exactly in the area that was injured at work.

Whenever You Are Denied Medical Treatment

Whether your insurance company is denying or delaying vital medical treatment such as surgery because of its high cost, our personal injury attorneys know how to deal with this type of situation. Your health is very important, we will make sure it doesn’t suffer because of an obstacle placed in your path by an insurance company.

If you or a loved one is facing difficulties due to a work-related accident, please call our office to set up an initial appointment and talk about your case.

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